What is DungeonArts?

Welcome Traveler!

So you have come to this site somehow, someway. Maybe you are a lifelong role-player or maybe you are a beginner. Whatever the path you took you are here. Welcome!

So what is this site and what does it provide? Well without the marketing spiel, at the end of the day, I make artwork. Actually I paint in the beginning of the day but that is not important at this point.

The Purpose

The artwork is intended for private use in tabletop role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder. Essentially any game system that you might use for fantasy, horror or sci-fi role playing. It is system agnostic. The intent is to provide you with mapping accessories to run your game whatever it may be.

Map with Props
Build out your dungeons no more graph paper.

Old vs New

As an old gamer I grew up with mapping on graph paper sometimes spending days laying out maps to ultimately use them only once. Now that we are in the digital age things have changed significantly.

Nowadays we have VTTs or virtual table tops which allow you to play a game online just as though you were playing around a table with your friends. Services and applications such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral and Maptools. With more appearing each day.

We have easily accessible graphics editors, those that are expensive such as Photoshop, and those that are free like Gimp.

We have programs that allow you to build maps with assets such as those provided here and then print them out for your physical table top games. Programs such as Mapforge and those provided by Profantasy.

Then we have digital artists like myself that race to provide content for all of these possibilities. To turn those graph paper doodles into quality maps that will awe your players. Some artists do the maps others build the content.

Station X Mini Map Sci-Fi Tileset
Station X Mini Map Sci-Fi Tileset

Be a Map Artisan

DungeonArts provides content, essentially the building blocks. Modular tiles for laying out your map quickly, props to add to those maps for specific details. All the content you need to get your game going quickly while making it look good with a design that never lets you run out of layouts. So they may be used again and again.

Goodbye graph paper, welcome to mapping with DungeonArts.


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Sizing in Roll20

Roll20 does a good job sizing small items automatically when they are dropped from the art library into the map editor but struggles with items that are larger like tile sets.

Often such tiles when dragged from the gallery are sized to 1 cell wide or similar. So to correct this the item needs to be adjusted to display correctly. 

Starting your adventure

Like any adventure there is always a starting place. A local tavern, inn or town square. Someplace safe that you can gather your gear, find any rumors or tips on the adventures that await.

It is my hope that this blog and its posts will help you along in your mapping adventures.

The first step in building with any of the DungeonArts (DA) sets is sizing.

Artist and Owner of Dungeon Arts and the previous greytale.com

Started producing free content under the Greytale name in 2007 on the Dundjinni web forums.

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