Sizing in Roll20

Ooh, the perilous drop

Roll20 does a good job sizing small items automatically when they are dropped from the art library into the map editor but struggles with items that are larger like tile sets.

Often such tiles when dragged from the gallery are sized to 1 cell wide or similar. So to correct this the item needs to be adjusted to display correctly.

Drop Image
When dropped in Roll20 places tiles incorrectly.

Setting dimensions

The quickest way I found to address this is to right click the item being dropped and select “Advanced” then  “Set Dimensions”. As a default Roll20 displays pixels as the dimension format. Let’s change the drop down to “Units with the toggle”. If this were a 6 x 6 tile, as defined in the pack read me file, then you would set the unit to 6×6 or whatever the item might be and then BAM! you have the proper sizing.  

Now it is believed that Roll20 will be smart enough in the future to set dimensions properly but I am not sure when that is coming. Until then we have to use the manual method. Which once you get used to it is pretty quick. Couple that with copy and paste which I will talk about in future posts and you have a means to build your map quickly.

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