1. Can I use the arts packs purchased from the DungeonArts store in Roll20?

Yes, they may be used via the upload mechanism in Roll20 and are applied against your profiles storage quota.

2. If I purchase here do I get the equivalent pack on the Roll20 marketplace or can I transfer the license there?

No, the two are separate licenses and are not transferable.

3. What format are the art packs provided in?

They are provided in png, an image format with transparency. Tiles are 200ppi and 70ppi resolution. Objects are 200ppi with the exception of the cemetery pack which is 105ppi.

4. Where can I use the art packs?

The art packs may be used in virtual tabletops, mapping software, or printed for use in actual tabletop gaming.

The art packs may be used in any private medium to support your personal gaming, provided they are not made public to those outside of your group.

5. Can I modify the art packs?

Yes for use within your gaming group. For example the art packs can be resized, items can be recolored, items can be combined, and tiles can be stocked with objects to make and endless variety of tiles. Use the art to make your game come to life.

6. Can I share (redistribute) art packs?

No. The art packs may not be redistributed in either it is original or its modified form.

7. Can I use the art packs commercially or in other development projects?

No. The art packs may only be used in the course of running private games and may not be used in commercial or any other development project without permission.

8. What are the art packs used for?

The art packs are designed to be used as accessories to support private tabletop games, such as role playing games, war games  or any other game you can think of.

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